Tuesday, February 14, 2012


These taste as good as they look.  I found these cute cupcakes and recipe here and the idea for how to package them here.  I love how they turned out.  My daughters will be delivering these to a few special staff members at their school today!

You will see in this picture, the cupcake has powdered sugar sprinkled on it, but the sugar soaked into the cupcake???  So Plan B...I added sprinkles, white, red and pink.  I liked the look of the powdered sugar, but I need to investigate what needs to be done to keep it from disappearing into the cupcake.

Do you see the spoon?  This way they can just eat the cupcake without a mess!  Love this idea!  The tag came together with just a couple of stamps and punches.  Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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  1. Really clever idea. They are adorable and look yummy:)